Welcome To Kriti’s World !!!

  • Computer Instructor
  • A fitness freak
  • A Freelancer
  • A Professional Photographer

I never thought I would create a blog, but here I am. So let’s get started.

My name is Kriti Bhargava. I am no one special. There are many out there like me. But I hope for some moments that make me feel alive!

That being said, let me tell you something about my blog.

The blog mainly consists of the poems that are compiled by me.

Other posts are about random things that cross my mind. It could be a beautiful photograph that I clicked , by chance , the Unspoken Words which we guys not able to speak directly, or The Experiences during my workout or The tips regarding workout. or about something that is happening in my life which I think is worth sharing.

My blog also shares educational Tips & Tricks like those in Computer Operating or Accounting

The year 2017, has drastically changed my view towards my career, I have been Capturing Things As They Happen, which resulted me to become a Photographer. You can also see my new Category as Photo Click Club.

My life is simple, and so am I. I try to enjoy each moment as it comes and not crib about the wonderful times that have gone by. I tend to lose myself in a book every now and then.

I try to find inspiration in everything around me, and focus on things that really matter. I feel my blog is a reflection of my thoughts, hence a reflection of me. I hope you have an enjoyable day ahead.

Much love, Kriti

Enjoy reading my latest posts.

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